Oh Gosh, Where Do I Begin? – 12/17/2011

It’s nearing the end, folks. I would say two or three more days and I’ll be finished with this book.

On to the reason why you’re even on my page – an update: Sarah tried to tell Andrew how she feels, but she just couldn’t make herself do it, and she feels horrible about it. It might just be too late to fix it because it seems Andrew has accepted that it’s over.

He is now in London, where his family is telling him to go to Sarah and make her see reason. Seems kind of funny considering just a few months ago they were afraid she was a psycho killer. lol

Andrew hasn’t really accepted it’s over, he’s just decided to kill the pain with an excessive amount of booze, a tramp at his side, and his face all over Celebrity Weekly (the tabloid news show). What he does next will either make you laugh at his stupidity or yell at the page, telling him he’s stupid. Let’s just leave it at that. More to come….


Friday! – 11/25/2011

Okay, I did write on Wednesday (and yesterday was Thanksgiving), but it was late, so I decided to keep the suspense. I told you it was about to blow up and it did.

The paparazzi told the whole country that Sarah and Chris had slept together a second time. Misinformation…or is it? You’ll have to read the book to find out for sure.

Andrew saw the gossip show and lost it…he pretty much broke it off with Sarah, but realised he needed to get the whole story, and the best place to get the truth was from the other source…Chris. He knew Chris would tell him the truth. Did Chris spill his guts and tell Andrew he had slept with Sarah a second time? Another piece of information that won’t be revealed unless you read the book.

It’s getting close, you guys…it will be finished before the end of the year, then it will be time to send out letters to publishers while I edit…then I can start working on the sequel….any suggestions on a title for the sequel? I have no ideas at this time. Help me out! 🙂

Four Days? Really? – 11/19/2011

I am so so sorry. I did write a little the other day, but it was just a sex scene, so I didn’t figure I would post about that. With all of these delays and interruptions going on in my life the past few days, I’m wondering if I’m going to have this book finished by the end of the year. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

Here we go: Chris and Sarah are getting their friendship back on track after the mishap with the paparazzi. He went home, but he decided he should come back and make amends with Sarah. After all, he loves her and, although she won’t admit it again, she loves him, too.

Andrew and Sarah are still happy as little mud ducks, being all “ooey-gooey”, as Nina calls it. Sarah refuses to tell Andrew about her and Chris. It’s just easier on everyone if she doesn’t. More to come…

Wednesday! – 11/09/2011

I wasn’t able to write last night as I had orientation for my new holiday job at Macy’s. Tonight, however, I started early and got a lot of writing done.

WOW! Chris really stuck his foot in this one. What a disaster that plan was. As hard as he tried to cause a catastrophe to  get Sarah to run off in horror from the news crew that showed up for a new exhibit during a “family” museum visit, it didn’t work. It completely backfired on him. The media loved Andrew, and his impromptu donation to the museum. The crowd loved Sarah and she enjoyed all of it. And when it was all over, she showed Chris just how much she was disgusted by his actions.

Apparently, no matter how hard he tries to get Andrew and Sarah apart; no matter what he does or says, it’s only going to bring the two of them closer together. More to come, obviously….