Only One More Day! – 12/18/2011

This is it. Just one more day and the last line of this book will be written. I can’t believe I’m this close.

My second-to-last update: Andrew has gotten himself into a mess of trouble. Let’s just say, drunk and disorderly. Mary to the rescue, though. You don’t remember Mary? Sarah’s best friend? 

Sarah is freaking out about the whole mess. She’s beside herself with more guilt. As if she needs that.

Tomorrow night, the last update. Tonight, the last time I say, more to come…

Wednesday! The Last Day Of November – 11/30/2011

Wow! November is almost over. It seems like just yesterday we were cooking turkey and watching all of the Black Friday crazies on the news. lol This year has really flown by. Where did it go? I’m happy to say, though, that my book will be finished before the end of December.

I checked the mail today and I had a package from my good friend, Rose. Tons of British chocolate…yum…and a book written by a mutual friend, Sir Gawn Tu Fahr, or as I know him on Facebook, Jean-Pierre Gregoire. The book is entitled Love’s True Home and I can’t wait to read it. He is an amazing writer. Thank you, Rose for sharing this book with me, and for the chocolate. 🙂 I hope you’re feeling better, too.

Okay, so I know I didn’t post yesterday. That may have something to do with the fact that I didn’t write yesterday. I felt like I was being stabbed in the back of my eye. I need new glasses in the worst way.

All right, enough of that…updates – Yup, just as I predicted, Karen is up to her tricks. She has some information she is sure will ruin Andrew and Sarah forever. She, apparently, has spoken to Chris, who is worried that this woman he doesn’t even know, is going to make a mess of everything. Andrew isn’t worried. It’s just Karen being Karen and, very soon, she will be out of their lives. The next time any of them would have to see her again would be at appearances and the premier. No one would have to spend time with her at all.

What happens next? More to come…

Tuesday! – 11/22/2011

Okay, I really messed up yesterday’s post title. Yesterday was Monday, not Sunday. Where is my brain? lol

Time for a major update: I haven’t quite made it to Chapter 19. Not just yet, but I’m close. I do have to stop when I start making more typos than actual coherent sentences. My brain starts running faster than my fingers want to type and then the roles reverse. It’s a mess, so it’s best to just put it away until I’m fully lucid. The whole scene is still up there. The words are there. I have been playing them out in film format for two days now. They aren’t going to disappear.

Sarah got home from the airport and had a nice, long chat with Chris. It went well. They finally worked all of their crap out. He loves her, but he really realizes that she will never love him as much as she loves Andrew. He’s as okay with it as he’s going to get.

At work, Valerie is cool and calm; concerned for her friend and employee. She just wants to make sure Sarah is really doing what she feels in her heart and that it’s the right thing. Chris has spoken to her about his feelings for Sarah and how he knows he has to let her go, and Valerie just wants Sarah to know she supports her decision.

At lunch, the girls at work take Sarah to a strip club as her bachelorette party. That was a total shock, but they all had a great time. When they got back to the office, Andrew was calling her. She thought he would be mad that she was looking at other men, half naked, but he found it to be the most hilarious thing he had heard in his life. It just confirmed their love for one another.

Tomorrow…the BIG scene…the scene that could change everything. Will it? Will what happens next really tear everything apart for Sarah and Andrew for good, or will it make them stronger? More to come….

Thursday! – 11/10/2011

Yes, it was a TVD night, but I started writing early, and my download of tonight’s episode was good on the first try, so I was able to write for another hour after. I am now on the verge of beginning Chapter 18 and I’m so happy. This book will be finished before the end of the year. I can feel it.

So, we know how Chris failed at his attempt to mortifying Sarah and cause problems at the museum, but once they were home, Chris tried his hand at insulting her. He basically called her a liar and she went off on him, physically. Yes, this time it was Sarah who pummelled Chris. He so deserved it, but Saint Andrew calmed her down and convinced her to apologise for beating the crap out her friend, no matter what he had said or done.

Maybe they’re back on track. Who knows! It’s obvious Nina, Sarah’s daughter, can’t stand Chris for putting her mother in the hospital, but Andrew, our saint, reminded her that Chris, too, loves Sarah and is doing everything in his power to get her to love him back that way she loves Andrew. He is just too much. 😀 

Tomorrow, Chapter 18 begins. I’m looking at 20 Chapters here. We’ll see what happens. More to come….

Friday Night! – 11/04/2011

And so I have written. I am now to Chapter 18 and the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan. lol

Things have been going well for Sarah. Her life has been calm and her first week without Andrew has been easier than anyone had expected, including Sarah. Sure, she had a melt-down, but that tends to happen when you break up with someone you’re deeply in love with.

Sarah is with her family and her best friend and she’s truly happy again. Things couldn’t be better. 

Yup, that’s all about to change. Late at night, while she sleeps, there is a knock at the door. She’s not exactly thrilled that someone is pounding on her door in the middle of the night, but the person pounding on her door is the one person who is about to change everything in her world, yet again…I’m sure you can guess who that is, but it may not be who you think. I’ll leave that for another time. More to come…..

Chapter 16 Starts Tomorrow – 10/24/2011

Yes, Sarah’s sick. I gave her the stomach flu. Boo Hoo! lol 

Andrew showed up to find her ill, but determined to convince her to go with him. No such luck, or is she going to change her mind again? She can’t make up her mind. It must suck being in love with two men who are in love with you. Chris tried to convince her to stay, but she shut him down, too.

Conflicted Sarah, in a twisted dream brought on by her flu, she realized shehas to make a choice between Andrew and Chris. It’s the one thing she has been trying to avoid. Now what is she going to do? I guess we’ll find out in Chapter 16. That begins tomorrow. 

Right now, however, Castle begins in a minute, so I’m out. More to come…

Hmmmm – 10/23/2011

Well, here’s a nice development. Andrew is in Denver, determined to convince Sarah to take him back and go to L.A. with him. Sarah has no clue, she’s sick at home with malaria or something (I haven’t decided what’s wrong with her, yet).

Chris is playing nursemaid and Sarah wants nothing to do with him after the hurtful, nasty things he said to her. 

I wonder how this is going to play out. What is Andrew going to find when he arrives at Sarah’s house, aside from his ill fiancée. Any ideas? I guess my question is, what kind of confrontation is there going to be between Andrew and Chris, or Andrew and Sarah? Does she end up telling him what she has done?  More to come…

What’s Today Again? 10/17/2011

What am I going to do with this character of mine? She’s breaking her own heart and on the verge of breaking someone else’s. Andrew has a bad feeling. He just can’t shake this worry that something is wrong. He can’t put his finger on it, but it just keeps nagging at him.

Sarah hates herself right now. Does she come clean and potentially lose the love of her life, or is someone else really the love of her life and she just doesn’t know it? More to come…