It’s Thursday Already? – 12/15/2011

It’s getting closer, folks. Are you getting as excited as I am? 🙂

Update time: Andrew and Sarah are two of the most stubborn  people I have ever thought up. I suppose I’m to blame for that. lol At least I can say Andrew is trying, but Sarah refuses to give an inch, even though she’s about to lose it. 

Andrew is on his way to London where he is sure to be bombarded with more lectures from his parents about how he should get his butt back to the States and win Sarah back. And to think, just a little more than a month ago, his mum was certain Sarah was some psycho killer.

Sarah is going to visit her mom in California, with no intention of going anywhere near Los Angeles. If she sees Trevor, she’ll give in. It’s easier to say no over the phone and hang up on him than if she was face-to-face with him as he berated her.

Everyone they know is telling them how stubborn they are. Is Andrew going to go off the deep end for real this time? I don’t mean a three-day bender at home. I’m talking a full-blow leap off of the cliff of sanity! Hmm. And what happens if he does? Is Sarah going to find out? And if she does, what is she going to do to pull him back up? Or will she even bother?

I guess we’ll see. More to come…


Friday Night! – 11/04/2011

And so I have written. I am now to Chapter 18 and the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan. lol

Things have been going well for Sarah. Her life has been calm and her first week without Andrew has been easier than anyone had expected, including Sarah. Sure, she had a melt-down, but that tends to happen when you break up with someone you’re deeply in love with.

Sarah is with her family and her best friend and she’s truly happy again. Things couldn’t be better. 

Yup, that’s all about to change. Late at night, while she sleeps, there is a knock at the door. She’s not exactly thrilled that someone is pounding on her door in the middle of the night, but the person pounding on her door is the one person who is about to change everything in her world, yet again…I’m sure you can guess who that is, but it may not be who you think. I’ll leave that for another time. More to come…..

Chapter 16 Starts Tomorrow – 10/24/2011

Yes, Sarah’s sick. I gave her the stomach flu. Boo Hoo! lol 

Andrew showed up to find her ill, but determined to convince her to go with him. No such luck, or is she going to change her mind again? She can’t make up her mind. It must suck being in love with two men who are in love with you. Chris tried to convince her to stay, but she shut him down, too.

Conflicted Sarah, in a twisted dream brought on by her flu, she realized shehas to make a choice between Andrew and Chris. It’s the one thing she has been trying to avoid. Now what is she going to do? I guess we’ll find out in Chapter 16. That begins tomorrow. 

Right now, however, Castle begins in a minute, so I’m out. More to come…

What’s Today Again? 10/17/2011

What am I going to do with this character of mine? She’s breaking her own heart and on the verge of breaking someone else’s. Andrew has a bad feeling. He just can’t shake this worry that something is wrong. He can’t put his finger on it, but it just keeps nagging at him.

Sarah hates herself right now. Does she come clean and potentially lose the love of her life, or is someone else really the love of her life and she just doesn’t know it? More to come…