Fifteen Pages Written On Chapter 20. – 12/13/2011

I think I may get this book written long before my deadline of the 31st. I’m getting really excited.

Update time: Andrew messed up big time, and he knows everything. He knows what Sarah and Chris have been hiding. He couldn’t exactly be angry with her for it, but he’s hurt by her lies. He wants honesty between the two of them. It’s the only way their relationship is going to work. Sarah knows this, but because she hurt him by lying, she  has decided the best thing for them to do is cut their losses before she causes him any more pain.

It’s already destroying them both. She’s having an emotional break-down and he is too stunned to feel anything yet. After his near destructive behaviour after their last break-up, it’s not likely he’ll stay calm for long. God only knows what he’ll end up doing this time. I guess we’ll see how it all turns out. Only a few more days of filming and he’s free to spiral into the depths of destroying himself. More to come….


I Haven’t Really Gone Almost A Week Without Writing! – 12/06/2011

I really haven’t. I have been writing, but I have been a bit preoccupied the past few days, catching up with an old friend I haven’t talked to in a lot of years. It has been so incredibly wonderful catching up.

So, for the update….Karen Steele is an awful human being. She has gotten her proof that Sarah and Chris are lying and is planning to reveal all to Andrew, but he has other plans.

Sarah is scared Andrew will find out the truth and regrets, intensely, ever going near Chris a second time. She can’t take it back. Her only option now, praying that Andrew’s plan works so that he never has to find out the truth and they can go on with their lives.

Does it make her a cheating whore? No, not really…just extremely confused, and ashamed. Honestly, she’s not the bad person in this story. We all know who the bad person is here.

I Had Writer’s Block. – 11/14/2011

Hey, it happens. Give me break! 🙂

So, I guess I should get on with it. Once again, Sarah is not happy with Chris. She swears he planned for the paparazzi to witness their conversation about their recent indiscretion. Deep down, she knew he hadn’t, but her fear of being found out made her accuse him. She had to blame someone. She didn’t exactly apologize to him, but as he was leaving to go back to his house for the rest of the weekend, to keep the peace, she smoothed things over. So far so good.

She had a great conversation with her best friend, Mary, who called to bitch at her for not keeping her up to date with what had been going on. That woman always makes her laugh, that’s why she’s such a great friend. And Mary thinks Andrew is sexy. Duh! Because he is. He’s British, of course, everything about him is sexy. (That’s me talking, by the way).

Sarah has no intention of telling Andrew what happened with Chris. It was long enough ago that it doesn’t really matter now, anyway, but it would completely destroy their relationship forever if Andrew found out, and when the press starts talking about her conversation with Chris, and they will, she has an explanation for it. No worries. Thanks, Nina. 🙂 More to come….

She’s Having Doubts! 10/18/2011

All of Sarah’s friends are telling her she may be making a mistake running off with Andrew. Now she’s having doubts, and Chris isn’t making it any easier on her. She wants to be with him, too.

Is she going to make yet another mistake? Her heart is so conflicted at this point, she wonders which direction to go. Her heart is telling her she needs to go, but every other fibre of her being is telling her she’d still be happy even if she stayed.

I guess all of us will see how this plays out. It’s even a shock to me, and I’m writing the damn plot. LOL More to come…

What’s Today Again? 10/17/2011

What am I going to do with this character of mine? She’s breaking her own heart and on the verge of breaking someone else’s. Andrew has a bad feeling. He just can’t shake this worry that something is wrong. He can’t put his finger on it, but it just keeps nagging at him.

Sarah hates herself right now. Does she come clean and potentially lose the love of her life, or is someone else really the love of her life and she just doesn’t know it? More to come…

I’ll Tell You What I Did Today – 10/12/2011

I managed to get a lot of writing done today.

Let me say, I know Sarah is my character and I am making her do the things she does and say the things she says, but when I created her, I never imagined she would turn out this way. She’s not a bad person, she’s just in love with two men an doesn’t know how to deal with it. Once again, she has betrayed one of these men and it’s killing her. Her love for both of them is tearing her apart.

How does a woman who has, all of her life, lived a quiet, simple life, end up hurting two of the people she cares most about? How does she choose either one when she manages to keep hurting them both? More to come…..

Saturday – 10/08/2011

I did work some today. I kind of got a small ping of sadness when I found out I didn’t get that job, but I have the most amazing friends. They are so supportive. They made me realise that I am meant for greater things, which made me come up with an interesting little phrase…”Don’t let rejection stop you because greater things are on the way”.

I even had an epiphany and decided the end of the novel should go a little differently than I had originally planned. I have only told one person and I know this person won’t tell another soul. It opens up a sequel that could go in any direction.

Stay tuned….